The CASH FOO story is true.

It is just one of many stories online where someone struggled in online business for a long period of time and eventually had a break through.

For five years I tried to make money on the internet. I’ve spent around $25,000 between different courses, info products, and coaching.

I’ve been privileged to interact with and learn from some of the best marketers and online business personalities in the world:

  • Pat Flynn
  • Tim Ferris
  • Derek Halpern
  • Corbet Barr
  • Internet Business Mastery
  • Ryan Deiss
  • Russell Brunson
  • Alex Becker
  • Firepoll Marketing
  • Mike Dillard
  • Frank Kern
  • John Lee Dumas
  • Dane Maxwell
  • Noah Kagan

And I could keep going….

When I first got started I simply wondered if there was a way for me to make an extra $500 per month to set aside for savings.

I wondered if there could be a way to generate revenue from making content. But not many people were blogging and making money back then anyway. Darren Rowse was one of the few who was even talking about it.


I had so much to learn. And it took about 5 years to figure out some important things.

After a while I discovered the thing I was best at was creating content and engaging with an audience.

I started a few podcasts where I interviewed people and built an email list organically from the ground up.

But I didn’t have a business.

Eventually I realized I needed to create some kind of product. So I created my first online course. It was for songwriters and indie musicians, and I sold it for $89.

I had an email marketing funnel and I did my first product launch. Made almost $1,000.

I’ll never forget that first feeling of making money online.


But I STILL didn’t have a business. I had a product.

It wasn’t until I realized I had to CONTINUE selling the product and make profits after my expenses were paid that I got serious about things.

I learned about sales funnels and paying for traffic through advertising. I tried to get to where I could scale profitable campaigns, but it was much more challenging than I thought.

The people who say, “you can easily spend a dollar on Facebook and pull out 5” are lying to you.

Yes, eventually you can do that…. But it takes a freaking while. ESPECIALLY if you do it by yourself, without any mentors or proper training.

And it’s EVEN more challenging if you’re trying to sell your own product in a space where you’re not an authority and your offer isn’t converting the way it should.

This was me.

Until I discovered a whole new way of thinking about making money online.

Finally some light bulbs went on in my mind.

That’s when I started CashFoo.

Watch this video to hear about my discovery:

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